Noble Glass Ltd is a Finnish start-up company founded in March 2020, which designs, manufactures and markets specialty drinking glasses.

Our first product to hit the market is the whisky tasting glass Savu. More will follow.

What is Savu? What makes it different? The Savu glass meets the wishes of even the most demanding whiskey friend and author. We promis! Thus we recommend that you order a pack of Savu Glass from us or ask us to visit in your distillery to have a tasting. You'll quickly notice the staggering difference between Savu Glass and the best-selling whisky tasting glass on the market.

Hard to believe? See yourself. In the video the founder and CEO Jari Tuominen explains the details of the Savu Glass.

You probably have more to ask, so why not drop an email to us info@nobleglass.fi, that would be great! Feel free to take the glass to the test! You could ask us for a larger batch offer of Savu Glass, or more information about contract manufacturing. Choice is yours :)

Have nice day - and remember to enjoy whatever you are drinking at the moment :)

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